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Edward Heppenstall

// vocals/guitar


Ed is a lifelong music lover who went so far as to give a career in music a go in the late 80's by attending Musicians Institute in Hollywood, CA. His band Parkway never really got off the ground, but he cut his teeth playing the club circuit and living the struggling musician dream.

Upon returning to Redlands, he took up teaching at Caleb's Guitar, (which is where he and Carey met). He also got heavily into cycling and it remains one of his most deeply loved activities. Screaming down a single track in the San Bernardino Mountains still is one of his favorite things in the world.

During life pursuits of family and work Ed has never been able to fully escape the gravitational pull of a full-hearted return to music.  While he again flirted with a music career in 2005 with a solo album titled Part's That Hate Me, Moba Jones is, at long last, the fullest realization of a musical soul embodying a lifelong passion for music.

Carey Nordstrand

// bass/guitars/vocals


Carey is best known for his work in the field of bass and guitar pickups as well as his highly respected and acclaimed luthiery skills. He owns and runs Nordstrand Audio with a tight crew of amazing folks in Redlands, CA and has been fortunate enough to be able to return to his first love - music - by building a pretty great little recording studio in the same building where the pickup company and workshop is housed.


Carey started his musical career in the 4th grade when he picked up the alto saxophone. He changed horses shortly after high school to bass guitar and went in search of an instructor, finding the guy to the right (Ed) teaching in the local guitar shop. 

Fast forward 20+ years and his skills as an engineer, bassist, guitarist and virtual drummer have evolved tremendously. Add in voice lessons and a deep dedication to the process of learning his craft, whatever aspect is currently most relevant, and you have a supremely solid musical foundation for what Moba Jones is now and will become in the future.

Photo by Marc Piron
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